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ICCSO exists to ensure consistent and relevant use of all Standards and Certifications being offered by our member bodies.

Our Mission

To assist our member bodies’ global clients in delivering world class experiences through:

  • Determining, through use of the International Customer Service Standard, the most effective and efficient strategy based on stated desired customer experience and organizational goals.

  • Providing a road map to ensure clarity and success

  • Provide individuals with additional opportunities through professional certification programs

What we do

ICCSO focuses on:

  • Ensuring our members bodies have trained team members able to assess and certify organizations to the International Customer Service Standard (ICSS)

  • Review and update International Customer Service Standard regularly (a minimum of once every 5 years) or as industry changes require

  • Promote use of the ICSS as a tool to assist in analyzing and identifying improvement opportunities to improve customer experiences and employee engagement

  • Certify educational content resulting in robust certification programs for team members across the organization at all levels

  • Regulate the International Service Excellence Awards process

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